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Practical information

Avenue Louise 32, box 13
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. : +32 2 776 01 00
Fax: +32 2 770 66 38

Job Opportunities:

Legal Advisor SFPI / SBI (Fr)

Legal Advisor FPIM / BMI (NL)


Our mission

"To provide capital and know-how for

international investments made by

Belgian private sector companies."

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The economic scenery is rapidly changing. Today, in addition to the more traditional markets (Western Europe, North America and Japan), an increasing number of countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe are establishing market economy structures while gradually opening up their markets to foreign trade and investment; creating business opportunities for both local companies and Belgian enterprises wishing to enter or further penetrate those markets. However, in those developing or transitional countries, adequate financing is often not readily available.

The mission of the Belgian Corporation for International Investment (BMI-SBI) is to provide medium or long term co-financing to business ventures made by Belgian private companies abroad. BMI-SBI supports projects that are of general economic interest, (to both Belgium and the host country), financially viable and that offer realistic prospects of profitability whilst respecting the principle of sustainable development and social corporate responsibility.

In concert with the Belgian company, BMI-SBI offers tailor-made solutions taking into consideration the particular needs and risk profile of each individual project. As BMI-SBI sets out to be a genuine long-term partner, it provides comprehensive support as well as co-financing.

Since its creation in 1971, the BMI-SBI has invested in over 300 projects in more than 50 countries.

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